Learn self care and wellness techniques Beach Front in Costa Rica!

Reset your immune system, reduce stress and inflammation, detox, reboot mental health, and connect with nature.

Elev8 your health through our educational wellness experiences either in person or online. Here at Casa Elev8 in Costa Rica we offer small group sessions designed to meet your unique wellness and educational goals. You are your best healthcare provider and we are honored to empower your inner healer by teaching you self care techniques and demonstrating many modalities to optimize your health. 

We teach an integrative approach to wellness and self care that is a physician created and led program. We offer experiential education from western, eastern, holistic, and plant medicine backgrounds. We can create an experience that is unique to your individual needs by presenting you with a number of healing modalities to help you create your own path to wellness. 

Join us on our Costa Rican beach farm when you are ready to be nurtured by nature and transform your health in a fun and easy environment. 

Our Integrative Approach

Elev8 Health is a physician-created integrative wellness service designed to transform your health through an in-depth, holistic and personal approach. We guide you through our various courses and create a program just for you. You can expect to experience a transformation – but also to walk away with the how-tos to keep improving your health.

Our integrative services are based on these pillars of health:

We combine the ancient modalities of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ayurveda, herbal and sacred plant medicine along with modern allopathic treatments to create a comprehensive wellness program that will help you overcome challenges and achieve your optimal health.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health, and healthy foods are the key to good nutrition. We offer a farm-to-table approach to cuisine and can accommodate a variety of dietary needs. We source our foods from local biodynamic and sustainable farmers to improve your health and the health of our community.

We have all experienced life-altering events that affect our health in many ways. We apply professional life coaching techniques to help you address many areas of life, guiding you gently to help illuminate your path to more balanced health.

Physical and mental fitness are key to longevity. We teach a variety of fitness techniques so you can find a style that works for you: yoga, qigong, tai chi, dance, surf, breathwork, meditation or martial arts.

Gut health is the foundation of your health. Yet many people are afflicted by digestive issues that don’t always surface as digestive symptoms. Digestive reprogramming through dietary choices, digestive aid techniques and bowel cleansing strengthens and improves the foundation of your overall health.

Sacred plant medicine has been entwined with the human experience for millennia. We offer the opportunity to learn about, and experience healing through, plant medicine – based on your unique needs and while under the care of a medicinal plant expert and physician.

Are We a Good Fit for You?

These real scenarios might help you decide.

The Burned-Out Athlete

A small group of 40+ surfing buddies wanted to laugh together, learn to eat healthily and receive medical and spiritual care as they reset their health and focus on fun for a while. They valued learning how to make probiotics and make more disciplined choices to continually improve their speed, stamina and performance levels.

The Caretaker

A doctor brought his family for a retreat when the eldest daughter was about to get off a long-term medication before going to college. The family left more educated, less emotionally blocked and empowered to navigate the transition with more ease and confidence.

The Chronic Case

A middle-aged over achiever with lots of childhood trauma, a life altering diagnosis, declining health and exhaustion from hitting dead ends with all the conventional methods – she is now healthier than ever and offering wellness services to pass the healing and hope along.

You have your own story and aspirations. If you want to take a holistic, integrative approach to overcome a long-standing obstacle or simply want to encounter a nature-based healing experience, Elev8 Health can help you.

Choose Your Wellness Experience

We understand that there are many paths to healing and we are here to help you find your unique trail. If you can join us in person at Casa Elev8 wellness center on 12 acres of private beachfront property in the central Pacific of Costa Rica, we invite you to one of our unique self care educational experiences. You will get unstuck, reset your health and be on your way to achieving the transformation you want. You will also be excited about all the nutritional, nature and lifestyle education you receive so you can keep improving after your retreat.

Small Group Sessions

Receive holistic education and healing through integrative medicine and optional sacred plant medicine personalized to your needs in a small group setting (10 or fewer people). You may choose from our group educational sessions or create a personalized program. Your experience can include:

  • An in-depth virtual consultation to identify your health goals
  • A comprehensive integrative medical evaluation
  • A customized wellness plan for while here and after your retreat
  • A bioquantum health scan
  • Wellness sessions and classes based on your goals
  • Farm-to-table meals with mindful eating and nutritional counseling
  • Optional add-on sessions
  • Access to the jungle, beach, farm and your favorite Costa Rica activities
  • Follow-up call 2 weeks after your retreat

Your Private Experience

For an even more tailored wellness experience and personalized integrative care with optional sacred plant medicine, create your own retreat. This can look like the small group retreat but the focus will be uniquely on you or your selected group. 

Online / Virtual

Are you currently unable to make a trip to beautiful Costa Rica? We are continually developing our online programs so that you may heal in the comfort of your home.

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