Offerings at Casa Elev8

Hundreds of guests have traveled to Casa Elev8 for a personalized wellness education. Our beach front location is surrounded by rainforests so all can experience our unique integrative medical classes in a relaxed atmosphere. Our guests have experienced significant shifts and healing. But even more exciting, they also learned how to live and be more accountable to a more natural, sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

Our team of wellness educators at Casa Elev8 care deeply about your holistic health and offer sessions you won’t find through conventional medicine alone. Our modalities are gentler, more natural, and highly effective – not just in getting you past your current challenge but also healing the root causes of your dis-ease.

Following is a list of wellness options to choose from.

A detailed intake, bioquantum scan, Rife session to rebalance your energies, hands-on healing session and comprehensive wellness plan to get you unstuck and performing and feeling better than ever.

Experience Eastern medical principles using acupuncture pressure points and massage to help restore your body’s energy flow and improve your health and performance.

Balance the energies of your body with universal frequencies that support your healing.

Receive heightened knowledge and perspective, along with guidance, so you can bring more intention and ease to your life decisions and nutritional choices.

Gently cleanse your colon with this gravity-fed, open-system colon irrigation session.

Deliver more oxygen to your cells to improve their overall function

Increase relaxation with carefully selected singing bowl frequencies and tones.

Increase your vitamin levels and cellular function through intravenous application.

Plants are powerful and can be overused or misused – especially if you are researching online or trying to do it yourself. Receive professional recommendations from an experienced practitioner and plant expert to avoid harm and expedite your healing.

Improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and receive many other health benefits from thermal therapy.

Mineralize or exfoliate your largest organ – your skin.

Choose from yoga, qigong, tai chi, dance, surf, breathwork, meditation, or martial arts to keep your body moving and improve your longevity.

Join Our In-Person Experiences

While at Casa Elev8, get unstuck and begin elevating your mind, body and soul through integrative and plant medicine techniques. Enjoy the beach, rainforests and farm as you heal. Take home what you learn so you can improve your health for the long term. Our team will make recommendations after your initial wellness consultation however you will be empowered to choose from the available options which experiences you would like.  For more details, browse our FAQs.

Bring Your Own Group

Are you a wellness provider or retreat leader looking for the ideal beachfront space to lead your own retreats? Please contact us to discuss and schedule your next event.

Online Wellness Options

If you are currently unable to make the trip to Costa Rica, start resetting and healing with our selection of online offerings, which is continually growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to make the most of your time here at Casa Elev8, you will receive an intake form before your retreat dates. Upon completion, you will receive a one-on-one online consultation with Dr. Randi Raymond so we can better understand the most favorable path of healing for you. On the first day of your retreat, you will receive another in-depth consultation and wellness plan – and begin treatments.

Depending on the type of retreat you choose and your needs, your experience will incorporate extensive consultations and multiple treatment modalities/techniques. You may also add on services when you book your retreat. See more details about each retreat including itineraries on our Book Now page.

We welcome a maximum of 10 guests for our small group retreats but usually 4-8 attend. A private wellness retreat is tailored for just you and 1 other guest if you choose one!

We offer several lodging options to fit your needs. In mid-December 2023, newly constructed lodging will be available here at Casa Elev8! Otherwise, you may stay at our beachfront partner hotel just steps from our location. Or you are welcome to stay at the location of your choice and commute to our center each day. Visit our BOOK NOW page for more guidance on lodging.

You will receive a nutritious healthy farm-to-table lunch along with mindful eating and nutritional counseling at Casa Elev8 as part of your retreat.

Yes! You may explore our farm, the beach and the jungle surrounding Casa Elev8. You may also venture off-property for other must-dos while in Costa Rica, such as horseback riding, ziplining, hiking, paragliding and surfing.

Within 2 weeks after your retreat, you will receive a follow-up call. We will go over your experience and identify more ways for you to integrate your new knowledge and skills into your life. You may also continue with online coaching or our online educational programs.

No, vaccines are not required to travel to Costa Rica or attend one of our retreats.

We recommend you fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in San Jose, Costa Rica. We will arrange a driver for your transportation to and from San Jose to our facility.

  • *Valid passport
  • *Bug repellant
  • *After-bite
  • *Flashlight or headlamp with batteries
  • *Hat
  • *Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Journal and pen
  • Booklight for reading
  • Sneakers/ walking sandals
  • Raincoat (just in case)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sunblock
  • Cotton pants/jeans
  • T-shirts and shorts
  • Yoga clothes
  • Tea tree oil (available in health food stores, soothing for bites and scrapes)
  • Long-sleeve cotton shirts for evenings
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Camera
  • Spending money for outside of your retreat experience (ATM within 10 minutes)

I’m excited to visit beautiful Costa Rica and begin to reset, transform and thrive!

If you’re unable to travel at this time, check out our online services.

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