About The Elev8 Health Team

Meet your Elev8 Health team of wellness providers – many of whom have also overcome previous health challenges and now want to help you do the same.

About Dr. Randi Raymond

As an integrative medical doctor, Dr. Randi Raymond combines Eastern and Western medicine to create custom wellness plans and experiences. She has more than 20 years of experience and has always believed that the real answers for healing can be found in nature.

Dr. Randi has lived in Costa Rica since 2003 and currently hosts one-on-one or small group wellness classes and experiences for guests from around the world in her wellness center. She focuses on Oriental medicine, farm-to-table nutrition, mycology, and plant medicine. But clients can also choose from other treatments including massage, colonics, frequency medicine, ozone therapy, infrared therapy, yoga, meditation, qigong, life coaching, hydrotherapy and thermal therapy.

Dr. Randi owns a plant medicine farm in Costa Rica that is adjacent to one of the most biodiverse, protected rainforest parks in the world. She has plans to build a research lab and expand her work with medicinal plants and mycology.

“I have created a space where you can be nurtured by nature and people who care to see you get healthy, thriving and back out on the playing field of life.”  Dr. Randi Raymond

  • Integrative Medical Doctorate from the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, NM
  • Masters in Science of Oriental Medicine and Herbology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • 1000 Hours of Massage Training from the International School of Healing Arts
  • National Certification of Acupuncture
  • Certificate in Traditional Japanese Acupuncture and Five Element Theory
  • 1000 hours of training for Certified Oriental Body Therapist
  • National Certification of Massage Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy Course
  • Reiki Practitioner

More of Your Team

Tammy Crusberg

Tammy has 10+ years of unique training in stress and other chronic – sometimes severe – health issues. After decades of work in trauma-related industries, she found new ways to address the core causes of your struggles. She uses recalibration techniques and singing bowls to amplify your abilities, retrain your systems and bring clarity and connection that leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Catalina Rodriguez Calvo

Catalina is our resident nurse. She has over 15 years of experience in the medical field and works with our guests in many capacities. She provides our vitamin IV infusions, general wellness appointments, prenatal care, women’s health classes, wound care, lab consultations and more.

Louise Lerminiaux

Our Client Operations leader Louise is leveraging 30 years of global program management experience to help advance patient care through personal device technology. Louise teaches physical and mental health healing techniques and is certified as a Karuna Reiki Master and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer. She is a dynamic public speaker and has co-authored several publications on gender inequities and mental health challenges women face pre- and post-organ transplants.

  • Patient Advocacy Certificate
  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Certification
  • Karuna Reiki Master Degree, Reiki III Master Degree, Reiki I-II Training
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 
  • UC San Diego Extension Fitness Science Certification
  • Masters of Business Administration, Digital Technologies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

Stevi Laura Raymond

Costa Rican native, Stevi serves as Guest Coordinator and Vice President of Operations. She also coordinates events and oversees our marketing. In her role as a mycologist with farming and gardening experience, Stevi continually looks for ways to positively impact our environmental systems.

  • International Bachelorette Degree 
  • Bilingual proficiency (Spanish and English)
  • Co-Founder of Rotaract Garabito 
  • Rotary Leadership Certification

Dr. Melissa Balizan

Dr. Melissa Balizan is a consultant and pharmacist with 26+ years of pharmaceutical training in medications, supplements, nutrition, physical health and mental health. She combines Western and Eastern medicine to guide your healing and help you reduce medications if that is your wish.

  • Doctor of Pharmacy from Drake University
  • #1 Bestselling Author
  • International speaker
  • TV Show Host,
  • Short Talks TV Star

Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga

Dr. Marci has specialized in the health and wellness field for more than 15 years. As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, she helps you heal your gut, balance your hormones, cleanse your liver and harmonize all of your bodily systems using a holistic, non-pharmaceutical approach.

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • CFMP- Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Functional Nutrition
  • CFDN-Certified Functional Dry Needling
  • AIB-ADV-VR Advanced Certification in Vestibular Rehab
  • Certified Vision Therapy
  • CTT- Certified Turbulence Trainer
  • CWC- Certified Wellness Coach
  • Manual Therapy Certification

Advancing Our Community

Dr. Randi and the Elev8 Health team are passionate about helping you heal – and equipping you – to take your life to the next level. But they also feel it’s critical to do the same for the community.

“The healthier we are as individuals, the greater impact we can have on our community’s health too.”

Blending the vital principles of beekeeping, reforestation and community empowerment, Bees for Trees aims to safeguard pollinators – particularly bees –  to support biodiversity and global food security. Bees for Trees helps advance reforestation in Parrita, Puntarena through the planting of trees native to our region. Also, residents may learn valuable beekeeping skills, sustainable agricultural practices and environmental education through this project.

Eco Tarcoles involves the construction of a recycling center to help clean up one of the most polluted rivers in Central America. Through this project, we also aim to help create jobs, make usable products from refuse and bring more vibrancy to an underserved community.

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