PTGD- Post Traumatic Growth Dynamic

What is PTGD? PTGD (Post Traumatic Growth Dynamic) is an alternate outcome to the trauma of life that many of us experience. Our current medical system is focused on diagnosing people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as this diagnosis has no finite solution and is treated with a lifetime of medication that is more beneficial to the company the makes the medication than to the consumer. I invite you to consider that there is a different way to view the way trauma effects us. For many people traumatic events are an opportunity for growth. Traumatic events happen in life and we have choices of how we move through them. One option is to allow these events to show us what we don’t like so we can redirect our attention and energy toward what we do like. I understand that it may be difficult sometimes to move through a traumatic event and get it off your mind but I invite you to look at it as an opportunity for growth and not a place to stay stuck in. There are many modalities that can help you move through lingering symptoms of a trauma. Some examples are somatic therapy, acupuncture, plant medicine, talk therapy, nature immersion, and more. Luckily for you many of these therapeutic approaches are low cost and once you learn the techniques you can incorporate them into your regular healthcare routine to help yourself through the healing process. 



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