Module 3- Emotional Healing

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This module includes recorded, downloadable meditations, a theory podcast, and a pdf workbook.  We at the IHCI believe that in order to sustain emotional healing and refrain from reverting back to limiting past patterns, a deep excavation of one’s foundation must take place. This module involves “shining the flash light in the dark corners of your being”.  In order to achieve clarity of what an individual’s limiting beliefs are, it is important to investigate not only where they came from, but also what the individual’s core-values and core purpose(s) in life are. From here, we can discover what emotions and energies are stuck and use the appropriate tools to commence the Emotional Healing process in a holistic, balanced and most importantly, a sustainable manner.  In this module you will:

  • Dive deep into your own emotional healing with the deepening of the tools you have studied thus far in your program, as well as the introduction to some new tools. 
  • Gain experiential knowledge of each of the emotional healing tools.
  • Experience how your previous modules play a factor in maintaining emotional well-being.
  • Experience the benefit of mindful meditation. 

Time Length: 8 weeks.

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