Module 1- Foundational Theories

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During this module, you will undertake an in-depth study of your entire internal environment. You will study the following:

  • LEVEL1: Learn and connect to all the areas of your internal human existence. See where you are balanced and discover where you need to do more work.  This module includes a theory video, 6 recorded downloadable meditations, and a beautiful PDF downloadable presentation with assignments.
  • LEVEL 2: Explore the Areas of Life.  This includes a PDF information package and assignments to connect and deepen your understanding of the Areas of Life as they apply to you. You will discover where you are balanced, and where you need to focus your time and energy to achieve more balance and ease.  Information is presented via workbook style with theory, questions and assignments.
  • LEVEL 3: Take a deeper dive into mindful mediation.  Explore your egos (yes plural) and learn awareness tools and activities to deepen your awareness of all three.  Learn how to work with your egos and see the impact they have on both your internal relationship with yourself and your external relationships. During this module you will also discover what Healthy Boundaries are, and learn how to start exploring the boundary setting process.  Information is presented via a pdf workbook style with theory and assignments. As well as 17 minute downloadable meditation. 
  • LEVEL 4: Connection questions: Connect The Areas of Human Existence, The Areas of Life and The Egos with our Effective Prompt Guide Questions. Information is presented via pdf booklet. 
  • ​LEVEL 5: Sustainable Balance: You will learn the importance of balance, how to achieve and maintain a macro picture of life with new balancing tools geared toward calming the nervous system. Information is presented via a pdf workbook, with 7 days worth of assignments. 

​Time Length: 8 weeks.

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